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SAT & SSAT Preparation Tutoring

Our specialized tutors at Sunnybrook break down one by one for personalized needs and main points, to achieve short-term sprint target score. We know and explain the key points of the examination in depth.

Tutors at Sunnybrook help you understand the examination process, question types, and scoring method. We take the time to help students familiarize themselves with various types of questions and their problem-solving skills.

SATs Preparation Tutoring

It is an examination that is required for American high school students. They must sit this exam in order to pursue further education at an American university. It is equivalent to the college entrance examination in China, and it is also an important reference for high school students from all over the world to apply for admission to prestigious American schools and whether they can get scholarships. The SAT test is divided into the SAT comprehension test (most American universities only require the SAT score) and SAT subject test.

SSATs Preparation Tutoring

It is the American Secondary School entrance examination, which is a necessary test result for private secondary schools in the United States and Canada. It mainly measures the students' mathematics, Chinese, and reading comprehension ability, and examines the logical thinking and development potential of the examinees. The SSAT exam includes Upper (grades 8-11), Middle (grades 5-7) and Elementary (grades 3-4).