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Math Tutoring (Competition level)

Sunnybrook has launched a highly competitive Waterloo Mathematics Competition Class. The Ivy League guidelines are used as a foundation for the mentor teaching mechanism for learning. This competition would allow you to stand out in the process of applying for designated majors.

How Sunnybrook Tutors can help?

  • Good performance in mathematics, plan to apply for popular majors, especially in Science and Engineering.

  • Improve your ability of logical thinking, increasing the reserve of mathematical knowledge, and create a path for the foundation of further education.

  • Providing an in-depth analysis of key concepts in relation to the exam.

  • Enhancing problem-solving skills to improve accuracy.

  • Mock exams that are scenario-based questions in order to fully prepare students.

  • Our team of tutors provides an after-class tracking service, which is to enhance the student’s educational development.​​​​​