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IELTS Training 

Sunnybrook offers you 4 different kinds of IELTS Training Courses to choose from.

We provide one-to-one or online group teaching sessions. This is done through hosting a live chat or face to face conference, breaking the distance barrier. 

Whatever fits you best, we help you with that. Choose among the 4 diverse customized courses and let's get you ready for the Language Equalancey Tests.

Basic and Intensive Courses

For high school students with a foundation in English and a target score of 6.5 & above.

Class hours: 80 hours including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Listening & Oral Course

For students who have a foundation in English and want to improve their vocabulary and spoken English.

Class hours: listening and speaking for a total of 40 hours.

Reading & Writing (Special course)

For students with a foundation in English who want to improve their reading and writing.

Class hours: 40 hours of reading and writing.

6.5 Band Sprint Classes

 For students with a solid English foundation hope to achieve a higher mark on the  IELTS test within a condensed period of time.

Class hours: 50 hours of listening, speaking, reading and writing.