High-school Tutoring 

Our tutoring program is personalized and has a unique approach for several different types of learners. We work diligently with each student to ensure they are staying focused on their academic goals while motivating them through all difficult subjects.

Sunnybrook tutors provide students with the tools, practice, and encouragement they need to become proactive and efficient with their academics.

We provide 1:1 Tutoring, Group Tutoring, and Course-based Tutoring.

1:1 Tutoring 

This online 1:1 tutoring is synchronous guidance, for elite excellence.

It's a VIP class package so that the student can spend alone time with the tutor, where the tutor's only focus is one student.

Group Tutoring

This online group tutoring is synchronous guidance, for elite excellence.

It's a small group class package where you can study with your friends with the tutor present there to answer your questions and guide you through your studies.

Course-based Tutoring

This online course-based tutoring is for English & Science courses. The key concept here is to help students break down the information so that they understand all concepts being taught in class.

In the Science curriculum, we focus on practice questions and experimental demonstrations in order for our students to comprehend the course material. These methods are used for practicing repetitively and resolving any grey areas in relation to the course content. In the English curriculum, we integrate several components such as; reading, writing, literary appreciation, and speech content. This results in cultivating the emotion of language expression, the understanding of artistic conception, and the ability of literary appreciation, followed by guide essay writing.