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Earn High School Diploma Credits sitting at your home anywhere, at any time.

Sunnybrook International Academy is a well-established Online Private High School. We have ventured out of the traditional education system by giving individuals the opportunity to learn virtually. We are a high school in Ontario, that gives credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Regardless of your time and location, study in Canadian High-schools and earn Ontario High-school Diploma!

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Sunnybrook International Academy students are given 10 months to complete each course. Students are also given the opportunity to finish quizzes and assignments in accordance with their schedule and choose their own deadlines.


Our online courses are accessible from anywhere around the globe. Students are able to complete assignments from their preferred setting, be it a library or the comfort of their home.

Customized experience

Learning plans and processes make the learning experience personalized and customized as if it were catered per student. Due to this, students are able to grasp concepts and course material faster and more effectively.

High-school Grade 9-12 Courses and so much more. 

Explore options for Local & International Students

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Are you looking to get that extra credit you couldn't during your school, or just looking for an upgrade?

Look no further. Explore your courses.
Working From Home
Canadian standard high-school education is not a dream anymore.

Study in Canadian grade 9-12 sitting in your home country! 


The foundation of Sunnybrook International Academy was established by Christian Bayly, in 2016.  The institution began with only five members of staff and ten students.It has since grown both its staff and its student base over the last 4 years and in doing so, has established a reputation for student success.”

​Mainly dedicated to making its courses and programs available to international students. While this had been the focus over the first couple of years, the institution had recognized the demand generated by the local Canadian student community. As such, we have responded accordingly and are now equally focused on providing online schooling to both international and local students, as we truly believe education should be accessible by all who are eager to learn. We are proud of our journey to date and are continuously working to offer the best Canadian education to our current and new students.


Local: +1 249-315-8686

International: +1 416-994-8321

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